Pacific Grove Skatepark 2022 -Dead in 2023

Pacific Grove Skatepark Project 

Estimated cost $800,000

The Draft Forest Management Plan for George Washington Park (FMP) is now available for public review at the following link:

“Update: Recreation Board Meeting 8/25/22
After listening to an hour and a half of community comments, concerns, and questions, this is what I heard:
-George Washington Park is the last remaining forest/green area we have left in PG (those that sited Rip Van Winkle.. it is a small strip off Congress, about 200 feet in owned by PG,, the majority is owned by Pebble)
-Building at GW would disturb both flora and fauna (bird breeding sight, nocturnal animals, and it’s not so easy planting a tree that will thrive, let alone trying to transplant one
-The proposed square footage at GW is relatively small for a skate park… skaters have stated small parks are pretty much a waste (skaters chime in)
-The current bathrooms at GW are difficult to get to.. and nearly/impossible for disabled individuals
-The Forest Lodge sight is already paved and about three times the size of what GW could provide. ” Lina Vital