Welcome to Sewageville Real Estate
Sewer spills do not seem to effect the asking prices for property in Pacific Grove. Below are a couple of examples (March, 2000). At these prices, maybe we should call sewer 'affluent effluent!'
11X Grand Pacific Grove
Here is a house on Grand Ave., across the street from the Grand View Inn, for sale for $995,000. (March 2nd, 2000). 

It appears to be located about 200 yards from both the sewer plant near the bottom of 15th street & the four foot wide pipe at the bottom of Forest Avenue from which we have observed for years gutter water dumping into Monterey Bay 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Forest House
Here is a house on Forest Avenue (Still for sale, Feb., 2000 ), that was once offered at about $1 million dollars. It appears to be less than 100 yards from the four foot gutter water outlet pipe &  Lover's Point, the beach we observe to be most commonly closed because of sewage spills. The price has dropped from its original offering price. 

We remember when this was a beautiful old green Victorian house, which was torn down a little at a time until only the front, which was not rotted, was standing. At that point we believe they incorrectly decided the whole thing was too rotted & tore it down & put in this one. The old house was a majestic piece of true Victorian architecture. In our opinion,  there was no need to tear it down & the city has since imposed laws that prevent people from tearing down our historical houses & in our opinion, putting up Victorian kitsch & charging outrageous prices.