The History of the Pacific Grove Sewer System by Newspaper Headlines
From 1980 to 1992 (This is as far as the newspaper index runs)
MPH=Monterey Peninsula Herald newspaper

The following articles are in the P.G. Review (Unless noted):

Aug. 20th 1890    Sewer pipe bid notice
1898                    Sewer pipe being laid in P.G. under Vrooman Act.
Jan. 20th 1905     P.G. city trustees meet to vote on storm sewer on 18th street.
July 1906            P.G. Resolution #1330 & #1331 about 6th & 7th street sewers.
Aug. 23rd 1907   P.G. Resolution #1489 ordering sewer on 16th street.
The following articles are in the P.G. Tribune (Unless noted):

Jan. 6th 1953       New sewage plant commission ceremony.
April 3 1969        Verne W. appointed as head Citizen for sewer board.
Jan. 20th 1971     Appeal of drainage assessment.
June 6 1971         Sewage treatment situation.
Aug. 23rd 1972   City stops sewer service to people in Del Monte Park.
Aug. 30th 1972    Sunset street sewer litigants cautioned by attorney.
Nov. 1st 1972     City stops sewer service to non-city patrons.
Dec. 6th 1972      Order halted on Point Pinos out fall study.
March 21 1973   Meeting on the local sewage situation. No end in site to dilemma.
Nov. 28th 1973   Mayor Quinn discusses area sewer situation.
Sept. 19th 1974   Mayor discusses long sewer hassle.
March 1st 1975   County Waste Plan approved by state.
Feb. 22 1975       P.G. Board shuns new effluent plan study.
Jan. 8th 1976      Reversal of ruling, P.G. my justify out of area sewer charges.
Oct. 14 1976       Meeting on sewer situation.
Jan. 20th 1977     Sewer bids opened.
May 5th, 1977     P.G. to pipe sewer to Monterey.
July 1st 1977       New sewer charges [Fees].
June 27th 1977    P.G. Mayor says sewer dig lost preposterous.
Aug. 4th 1977     Write up about sewer situation.
Aug. 18th 1977   Point Pinos to be sewer pumping station.
Oct. 12th 1977    Ocean View sewer project may take a year.
Feb. 24th 1978     Customers much each pay $4.50 rate for sewer service. (MPH)
March 20th 1978 County sewage treatment plants get state priority to P.G. tie-in.
April 26th 1978  Council calls for vote on sewer.
Feb. 4th 1979      P.G. pipeline almost completed.
Aug. 29th 1979    Lawsuit to stop sewer project. P.G. votes 'No.'
Nov. 8th 1979     P.G. council to study taking down sewer plant.
Nov. 19th 1980    Mayor calls for vote on sewer bonds.
Dec. 10th 1980    Sewage becoming a bureaucracy.
Feb. 4nd 1981      P.G. won't approve sewer bonds.
April 8th 1981     Sewer bonds approved.
Feb. 9th. 1982      State Board upholds 'Zone of Prohibition" for sewage discharge (MPH).
Aug. 24th 1982    City of P.G. sues State Board to get out of sewer business.
May 25th 1983    City of P.G. tackles drainage issues. P.G. Council debates storm drain issues.
Aug. 21st 1987    P.G. sewer system needs repairs City Manager G. Bales says.
Jan. 26th 1988     Lover's Point closed due to sewage spill. Reopened 1-26-88.
Jan. 22nd 1988    County issues warning to Pollution Control Agency over spill in P.G.
May 31st 1988    Sewage spills along waterfront near Hopkins Marine Station (MPH).
June 6th 1988      Hydraulic fluid spill closes Lover's Point beach (MPH).
March 2nd 1989  P.G. City Council takes steps to update sewer system lines.
March 15th 1989 Sewer fee boost on P.G. City Council agenda (MPH).
July 19th  1991    Paul Wolf writes on two P.G. sewer spills.
July 22nd 1991    Report of two P.G. sewage spills.
June 18th 1992    P.G. City Council debates to raise sewer fees by $1.50/month to
                            Monterey  Peninsula Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (MPH).
June 19th 1992    P.G. City Council approves sewer fee raise.